Office of Teacher Certification

Opportunities to Increase Certificate Classification

Certified teachers in Nova Scotia have the option to increase the "level" of their teacher's certificate sequentially to any of the following levels of teacher certificate classification:

  •  Advanced Teacher’s Certificate 1 (Section 38)
  •  Advanced Teacher’s Certificate 2 (Section 39); and
  •  Advanced Teacher’s Certificate 3 (Section 40).

In Nova Scotia there are four regulated methods by which a certified teacher can "upgrade" their certificate classification:

  • Degree program (includes graduate diplomas)
  • Certificate program
  • Integrated program and;
  • Nova Scotia Instructional Leadership Diploma Program.

Each of these programs are defined in the regulations [see clauses 2(2)(a), (b) and (g) below] and are considered to be upgrading programs [see clause 2(2)(m)]. For ease of reference, the following definitions are provided: