Office of Teacher Certification

Approved Degree Programs

Approved degree programs are identified in the Teacher Certification Regulations in Section 2(1) which reads as follows:

Degree Programmeans, subject to the exclusions in subsection 35(5), a program of studies to receive:

  1. a graduate diploma,
  2. a masters in
    1. a teachable subject as defined in the Public School Program, or
    2. education, or
  3. a doctoral degree from a recognized university.

As per (2) and (3) above, all degree programs for upgrading certification classification must be at the graduate level (masters or doctoral degrees only). Furthermore, each degree program of study must be either:

  • An education degree program; or
  • In a teachable subject as identified in the Nova Scotia Public School Program (PSP) guide.

Please note that programs must conform closely to the PSP listing of academic subject disciplines and fields. For example, Health Education is a teachable discipline in Nova Scotia but Health Administration is not, so Health Administration programs would not meet the requirements for upgrade program approval. The Office of Teacher Certification would write to inform you accordingly should you submit a request for program approval.

Some suggestions to consider before applying for program pre-approval:

  • Please know the courses included in each program and make sure they meet with your study plans.
  • Before considering any upgrading program (degree or one of the other upgrading options) please develop a tentative career development plan for yourself so that your studies will have a purpose and direction.
  • Review the program to ensure the studies provides the best option for your career plan.


The Application for Approval - Upgrading Program can be found at the following link: