Office of Teacher Certification

Certification and Endorsation Requirements

In accordance with the Education Act (Nova Scotia) all public school teachers must be certified to teach. The only exception to this requirement is when a permit is granted under most unusual circumstances.

To be granted a teacher's certificate in Nova Scotia, an applicant must have completed an "Approved Program of Professional Studies" as part of the broader certification requirements (Section 37(b) of the regulations). In most Canadian jursidictions, a Bachelor of Education degree (B.Ed) constitutes the normal professional preparation to teach in Nova Scotia. Other programs of study can qualify as an "Approved Program of Professional Studies".

Information on what constitutes an "Approved Program of Professional Studies" can be found by clicking on the appropriate link in the menu to the left of the webpage.

Applicants who apply on or after August 1, 2005 who qualify to be certified under the post July 31, 2000 certification system may receive endorsations that qualify them to teach either elementary (P-6) or secondary (7-12) grade levels. If endorsed to teach at the secondary level, teachers may receive endorsations in recognized subject fields as they relate to Nova Scotia’s public school programming. Endorsations are determined by a specific combination of both undergraduate academic coursework, and coursework completed within an approved program of professional studies. For more information on endorsations, please click

Applicants for teacher certification must have attained the appropriate "course content" in order to be eligible for endorsations.

Information on "content course" requirements for endorsations can be found if you click on the appropriate links in the menu to the left of the webpage.