Office of Teacher Certification

Endorsation of Regular Certificates

Endorsation of regular teacher certification is a feature of the certification system in Nova Scotia which came into effect August 1, 2005 and which provides for certificates endorsed as follows for

  1. elementary education;
  2. secondary education by recognized subject field; or
  3. both elementary and secondary education where the secondary education subject fields are french, physical education/health education, or fine arts.

Endorsation (see Section 41) recognizes the principle that teachers are to be competent in both the subject area and the methodology of the subjects they teach. On a provincial basis, endorsation establishes recognized subject fields that will result in multiple endorsements.

The Minister may grant a teacher’s certificate with more than one endorsation, and may include in the endorsation for secondary education a major or minor endorsation as recognized by the Minister.

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A major endorsation requires a minimum of 30 credit hours of study, a minor endorsation requires a minimum of 18 credit hours of study, in a discipline taught in the public schools of Nova Scotia (as outlined in the Public School Program), as well as the study of prescribed teaching methodology.

Please note that only applications for initial certification received on or after August 1, 2005 may be considered for endorsation. Applications received and processed prior to this date, or after this date but under the Pre-August 1st, 2000 certification system, will not be considered for endorsation.