Office of Teacher Certification

What is an "Approved Program of Professional Studies"?

With respect to an "approved program of professional studies" under clause 37(b), the following is suggested as the approved program of professional studies:



1    The Context of Public Education


1.1   knowledge of the historical, philosophical and sociological foundations of education

1.2   knowledge of racial, cultural and linguistic composition of public school classrooms

1.3   knowledge of gender and sexuality, anti-racism, and multicultural issues

1.4   knowledge of the legal/legislative framework for public education

1.5   the ability to apply the above knowledge to the resolution of conflict among individuals and between individuals and institutions


2   Human Development and the Learning Process


2.1   knowledge of the processes by which individuals acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes

2.2   knowledge of issues related to the education of children with special needs

2.3   knowledge of psychology which includes a focus in child development (for elementary certification) or adolescent development (for secondary certification)


3   The Act of Teaching


3.1   knowledge of practices which promote student-centered learning

3.2   knowledge of school programs and courses of study - rationale, objectives and content

3.3   knowledge of research relative to effective teaching practice

3.4   knowledge of, and the ability to use, a variety of teaching resources including current education technologies and alternative learning sites

3.5   knowledge of, and the ability to implement, a wide range of teaching strategies, especially those which emphasize the use of higher-mental processes

3.6   knowledge of procedures involved in the process of academic planning and the ability to apply such procedures to the development of short and long-term instructional plans

3.7   knowledge of, and the ability to implement, assess, evaluate, and reporting procedures appropriate to a wide range of learners

3.8   knowledge of factors that influence classroom dynamics and the ability to apply such knowledge to the establishment of a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning (knowledge of factors related to motivation and classroom management are particularly significant)

3.9   knowledge of the ways that the children's literature can be used to enhance literacy and learning (elementary only)


4    The Professional Context


4.1   the ability to establish and maintain positive interpersonal relationships with students, parents, colleagues and other members of the educational community

4.2   the ability to formulate and articulate a clear personal philosophy of education

4.3   the ability to be guided by the philosophical approach of the Department of Education

4.4   the ability to analyse and reflect on education practice

4.5   the recognition that teacher education is a career-long process during which the teacher identifies and responds to individual strengths and limitations through professional growth

4.6   knowledge of the role of professional organizations in the support and advancement of teachers and the teaching profession

4.7   knowledge of the role that school boards play in support of teachers' professional growth

4.8   knowledge of the role that the Department of Education plays in support of teachers' professional growth


It is understood that these requirements should include a supervised practicum of at least 15 weeks.


*Please note that the Teacher Certification Regulations do not permit the recognition of in-services, professional development or teaching experience in fulfilment of the undergraduate studies and professional studies coursework requirements for an Initial Teacher's Certification (Section 37 of the Regulations).