Office of Teacher Certification

Family Studies Endorsation

Requirements for an Endorsation in Family Studies

The Minister’s Advisory Committee on Teacher Certification (MACTC) acknowledges the recommendation from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s English Program’s Division that Nova Scotia Universities are responsible for identifying courses that are to be considered as part of a Family Studies endorsation. The table below outlines the three key themes in the subject discipline and corresponding course topics within each theme.

An endorsation in Family Studies (major or minor) requires that the applicant complete course topics in at least two of three theme areas listed below:

Food and Nutrition

Textiles and Housing

Family Dynamics

Meal Management

Textile Chemistry

Child Studies

Food Preparation

Textile Arts

Financial Management

Culinary Arts

Costume Design

Family Studies

Food Safety

Clothing Construction

Child/Adolescent Psychology




Food Science

Interior Design

Human Services

Healthy Living



International Foods