Office of Teacher Certification

Internationally-Educated Teachers

Teachers who have completed professional training in countries other than Canada are eligible to apply for teacher certification in Nova Scotia. 

It is important for internationally educated teachers to know that they must meet the same certification requirements as Canadian teachers.

To apply, please set up an account in the Teacher Certification System Online Portal - - and follow the steps. 

Internationally educated teachers are expected to provide similar documentation and pay the same application fees as Canadian teachers.

Potential applicants are reminded that an application will not be assessed until all documents are submitted. Please also visit the Teach in Nova Scotia Website for a general orientation to working as a teacher in Nova Scotia.

Many international applicants for teacher certification plan to work in overseas schools that deliver the Nova Scotia Public Schools Curriculum. International applicants are advised that while teacher certification in Nova Scotia may be issued to those applying from other countries, employment as a teacher in Nova Scotia can only occur if appropriate immigration status is held.