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Office of Teacher Certification

Applications for a Nova Scotia Teacher's Certificate


Changes to our services in response to COVID-19

To support other certification authorities and university registrar's offices through COVID-19, we are accepting digital copies of transcripts and statements of professional standing emailed directly from the issuing institution to certification @


Regarding Criminal Record Checks

To ensure the safety of Nova Scotia students, only original, official documents are accepted in support of an application.  Original, official Criminal Record Checks are hard-copy documents bearing the authenticating marks (an original signature, seal, stamp, etc) of the policing organization that performed the check. Online Criminal Record Checks, including those shared electronically with our office, are acceptable ONLY when taken to the policing body that performed the check and authenticated as outlined above. 


Payment Methods

Fees can be paid online using our Online Payment Service, but please ensure you print the receipt and include it with your mailed-in application so as not to delay the processing of your request.

Fees may also be prepaid by money order payable to the Minister of Finance, Nova Scotia.

The above fees (or receipt, if you paid online) should be forwarded, along with your request, to:

Office of Teacher Certification
Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
P.O. Box 578, Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2S9

Phone: 902-424-6620 

Fax: 902-424-3814 (see note below)

Please note: The Office of Teacher Certification regrets to inform you that the fax machine is NOT available at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.