Office of Teacher Certification

Transcripts - Q&A

Processing of Transcripts

Transcripts are processed with the mail received by the teacher certification office on a first in, first out basis (FIFO). Please allow a minimum of four to six weeks for the processing of your request.

Submit Your Request on the Request for Transcript of Academic Record Form

* Official copies will be sent directly to institutions and employers

A separate form must be used for each different mailing address

Payment Methods

Fees can now be paid online using our Online Payment Service, but please ensure you print the receipt and include it with your mailed-in application so as not to delay the processing of your request.

Fees may also be prepaid by money order payable to the Minister of Finance, Nova Scotia. Personal cheques not accepted.


For every transcript requested: $6.00

For Courier Service:  Please provide a prepaid, preaddressed courier envelope (please ensure you have provided the correct civic address as we are not responsible for returned mail).

Fees also apply to unofficial copies sent to former students and graduates.

Mail Transcript Request With Payment (or receipt if you paid online) To:

NSTC Transcripts
c/o Teacher Certification
Nova Scotia Department of Education
P.O. Box 578
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2S9

Direct questions to: 902-424-6620

Nova Scotia Teacher's College Transcripts - Request Form

NOTE: Transcripts contain personal information and will not be released without the written permission of, or at the written request of, the student/graduate. This is in keeping with the provisions of Nova Scotia's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, S.N.S. 1993, c.5.

Nova Scotia Summer School For Teachers Transcript (pre 1983)

If you were enrolled in Nova Scotia Summer School For Teachers (to 1983) download the form & send it to the Teacher Certification office. There is no fee for this transcript.

Provincial Examination Results Transcript (pre 1973)

If you completed Provincial Examinations up to 1973, download the form and send it to the Teacher Certification Office. There is no fee for this transcripts.

Contact the institutions below to obtain your transcripts if you were enrolled in the following programs:

Students in the Early Childhood (Pre-School) program contact:
Institute for Early Childhood Education
60 Lorne Street
Truro, Nova Scotia
B2N 5B4
902-895-4487 (fax)

Teachers at the Community Colleges/Vocational Schools requiring transcripts for Faculty Development, and/or Teacher Education courses contact:
Nova Scotia Community College Central Office
Extension Services
5685 Leeds Street, PO Box 1153
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2X1

Brian Dewey

Online Payment Service

Our online payment service is available for the following fee-based services:

  • Application Packages
  • Changes in Classification
  • Duplicate Teacher's Certificates
  • Renewal of Expired Teacher's Certificates
  • Statement of Professional Standing Forms
  • Nova Scotia Teacher's College Transcripts

(not avail.Sundays 12:00am - 10:00 am AT for scheduled maintenance)