Office of Teacher Certification

Special Certificate

Teacher certification is also provided to applicants who, while not trained as teachers, provide important services to teachers and students in the public schools.

In that regard, pursuant to Section 30P of the regulations, the Minister may grant a special certificate of the appropriate class in the fields of testing services, social services related to education and school library services, to a person who does not otherwise qualify for a teacher’s certificate and who has completed the minimum qualifications as determined by the Minister in the field for which the application is made.

The qualifications currently required are those qualifications required for full professional status by the governing body for that field. Please note that the governing bodies are as follows:

  • Testing Services — Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology
  • Social Work — Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers
  • Human Communication Disorders — Canadian Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists
  • School Library Services — possession of an approved master’s degree in Library Services from a recognized/accredited program

With respect to the recognition of employment for salary increment purposes, in addition to the provisions contained in Section 11 of the regulations for the purpose of determining the salary of a person to whom a certificate is issued under Section 30P, the Minister may recognize the employment of the person in the particular field of employment for which the certificate is issued.

This employment may be recognized for salary purposes provided the person continues to be employed in the field for which the certificate is issued and the person held, or was eligible to hold, teacher certification in Nova Scotia at the time that the previous employment was completed.

Please have verification of such employment forwarded to the Office of the Registrar - Teacher Certification by any previous employer.