Office of Teacher Certification

Nova Scotia Instructional Leadership Diploma

Section 19(1) of the Governor-In-Council Education Act Regulations defines the Nova Scotia Instructional Leadership Program as follows:

The Nova Scotia Instructional Leadership Program must include all of the following:

  • a minimum of 6 courses, each of which must include at least 36 hours of classroom instruction and 36 hours of inquiry-based practice,
  • instruction in best practices in all of the following:
    • instruction and assessment
    • instructional design
    • coaching and supervisonal skills
    • using data for instructional and school improvement
    • developing a community of practice

The NSILD program is only available to those who are already in administrative positions (ie. not currently available to classroom teachers seeking administrative positions).

The NSILD program is a collection of courses approved by the Minister and offered by the Nova Scotia Educational Leadership Consortium.

The Application for Approval - Upgrading Program can be found at the following link: