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Office of Teacher Certification

General Q&A's

1. How do I obtain a Nova Scotia Teacher's Certificate?


  • Please review the information found under the Initial Teacher Certification link on this website. Most applicants will need to review information under the "Regular Certificate" link of the Certificate Types section of the website to determine what certification requirements pertain to them.


  • If you believe that your qualifications satisfy the requirements for a Nova Scotia Teacher's Certificate, visit our "Applications and Forms" section of the website and download the appropriate certification application package.


  • Please ensure that you follow the application guidelines precisely. Failure to submit documentation as requested may lead to prolonged processing times.



2. What documentation must I submit to obtain a teacher's certificate?

In general, the documents you will be required to submit include:


  1. A completed Application Form (see Application Packages on our website under Forms & Fees)
  2. An official Criminal Record Check
    • Photocopies are not acceptable unless bearing an official seal,
    • Your Criminal Record Check must be current to within twelve (12) months of the submission of your application.
  3. Proof of age
    • photocopy of birth/baptismal certificate, valid driver’s licence, passport, or Access Nova Scotia government ID card
  4. Fee
  5. Official transcripts of all completed and in-progress post-secondary undergraduate and graduate studies (in sealed envelope).
    • Include official transcripts from each college or university you have attended, including transcripts from the source institution for transfer of credit bearing the university official seal and/or signature.
  6. Proof of Teacher Certification Standing
    • If you have been granted a teacher’s certificate in another province, state, or country, an official Statement of Professional Standing (to be provided to our office in sealed envelope(s)) is required from the teacher certification authorities in all jurisdictions where you held a teacher’s certificate.
    • The statement(s) confirm(s) your teacher certification standing in the jurisdiction(s), and must not be more than twelve months old.
    • Please note that the statement is not a copy of your teacher’s certificate nor is it an attestation regarding your teaching.
  7. Proof of Teaching Service
    • If applicable, include verification of teaching service, from the appropriate authority confirming years taught and number of days taught in each school year.
    • This service may be eligible for salary increment purposes.


    • All of these documents must be submitted in one package unless a jurisdiction has a policy of sending the document directly to our office (for example: Statement of Professional Standing).



3. How long does it take to receive my Teacher's Certification?


As a general rule, applications for teacher certification take between four and six weeks to process. To ensure prompt processing, submitted application packages should contain all required documentation as outlined on the application form. Failure to submit one or more required documents, can result in prolonged processing periods.



4. Can I teach before I receive my Nova Scotia Teacher’s Certificate?


Section 44 of the Education Act prohibits regional centres for education/CSAP from engaging as a teacher a person who does not hold a valid Nova Scotia Teacher’s Certificate.



5. I'm a certified teacher in another jurisdiction, how do I become certified in Nova Scotia?


  1. Download the applicable Certification Application Package from the Applications and Forms section of this website
  2. Arrange for an official copy of each of your university transcripts to be forwarded to you in a sealed envelope (include with your application)
  3. Arrange for the original province or state of certification to forward to you in a sealed envelope a Statement of Professional Standing (include with your application). Statements from the British Columbia College of Teachers must be sent directly to the Office of the Registrar - Teacher Certification.
  4. Ensure that the Office of the Registrar - Teacher Certification is provided with proof of your birth date (include with your application).



6. Once I receive my Nova Scotia Teacher’s Certificate, how do I seek out employment opportunities in the public schools?


The hiring of teachers is the responsibility of the seven regional centres for education/CSAP.

The hiring process is managed by the Human Resource section of each regional centre/CSAP. In that regard, please visit our website menu and click on “Related Links” which will in turn allow you to access the websites of each of the regional centres/CSAP.



7. I received my Nova Scotia Teacher’s Certificate and do not believe that I have received the correct classification of teacher certification. What should I do?


  • You should discuss the assessment of your qualifications and the classification of teacher certification granted to you with the Assistant Registrar of Teacher Certification.
  • If the matter is not resolved at that level, you should discuss the matter with the Registrar of Teacher Certification.
  • If the matter is still not resolved and you are not satisfied with the class of certificate granted, you may request the Certification Appeals Committee (see Section 17) review your teacher’s certification. In this regard, you should contact the following individual:



        Certification Appeals Committee,
        Education and Early Childhood Development
        PO Box 578
        Halifax, NS
        B3J 2S9



8. Where can I see the current salary scale for teachers?


Please visit the Teaching Service item on our website and see frequently asked question number 4, first bullet. As an alternative, please refer to the Teachers' Provincial Agreement (page 150-151 of the printed document).



9. Can I pay for a service with a credit card?


Yes, you can now visit our Online Payment Service to purchase any of the services that have been assigned a fee. Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.